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Morticians do it in the cold
NAME Vaughn Thomas
AGE 30

HEIGHT 5’10"
BUILD Toned but curvy
FEATURES Distinguishing marks

MOTHER Elizabeth
SIBLING Jamiah (older sister)
SIBLING Andrew (younger brother)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before

Initially, Vaughn doesn’t give off the impression of being someone who is interested in getting to know you. He’s rather aloof, rather self-absorbed. He would much rather be alone than make the effort to be sociable.

If you do catch him on one of his rare moments of social interaction, he’s an idiot. When he lets his hair down he really lets his hair down. You might find him dancing, or you might find him on a table singing. And if that’s the day you find him, you’ll be rather surprised with the man you meet the next time.

At work, should you happen upon him there, Vaughn is the picture of professionalism. He is very into his work, and he has incredible patience when describing things. At least in this sphere he understands that not everyone is as ridiculously obsessive as him. So this would be the best place to find him, where he is at home, relaxed, and helpful. But not many people hang out in the morgue.

Average height and average weight, Vaughn doesn’t exactly stand out from the crowd, which is absolutely his intention.

A majority of the time Vaughn has a little scruff of facial hair, without it he thinks he looks like a child, and he thinks no one is going to take him seriously then.

His hair is usually short, usually a little untamed, because he can’t really be bothered to deal with the curls.

He isn’t unkempt, though. He gives the impression of being a gentleman in the way he dresses. Shirts and jackets and nice pants. Vaughn isn’t one to go for sloppy. You’ll only see him in his pajamas if you happen to be over at bedtime. And he can count on one hand the people who have had that pleasure.

The Architect
With a natural thirst for knowledge that shows itself early in life, Architects are often given the title of “bookworm” as children. While this may be intended as an insult by their peers, they more than likely identify with it and are even proud of it, greatly enjoying their broad and deep body of knowledge. Architects enjoy sharing what they know as well, confident in their mastery of their chosen subjects, but they prefer to design and execute a brilliant plan within their field rather than share opinions on “uninteresting” distractions like gossip.

“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”
Harlan Ellison

A paradox to most observers, Architects are able to live by glaring contradictions that nonetheless make perfect sense – at least from a purely rational perspective. For example, Architects are simultaneously the most starry-eyed idealists and the bitterest of cynics, a seemingly impossible conflict. But this is because Architect personalities tend to believe that with effort, intelligence and consideration, nothing is impossible, while at the same time they believe that people are too lazy, short-sighted or self-serving to actually achieve those fantastic results. Yet that cynical view of reality is unlikely to stop an interested Architect from achieving a result they believe to be relevant.
Vaughn is a mortician. That should say quite a lot about his personality. He is thorough, intelligent, and likes being alone. He has always been the studious type, always preferred the peace and quiet of books, and has always had a craving to know things, to learn as much as possible.

If he was in a typical high school movie, Vaughn would be the nerdy guy with the plan. He's meticulous and very good at planning, and he tinkers. He's smart, and he also really doesn't give a shit about other people's opinion of him. He'd probably survive a horror film through sheer determination and willpower alone.

Work wise he isn't one to discriminate, either. If he's looking at a body for a cause of death, he's going to look into anything suspicious, no matter who the body belongs to. Everyone deserves justice.

He isn’t so much an introvert as much as he just prefers his own company. It’s peaceful. And he doesn’t particularly hate people, he just- doesn’t really care to get to know them.

For those people he is close to, he’s open, he’s generous with his knowledge, and he will go out of his way to help with anything. Need to move house? He’ll come over and pack with you. Throwing a dinner party? He’ll be over to help you prep, even if he isn’t invited. Vaughn is the kind of friend that’s good to have around, even if you don’t see him that often.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World Ninja Sex Party (cover)
Help me make the most of freedom and of pleasure Nothing ever lasts forever Everybody wants to rule the world
Vaughn was born in Salem, MA, in the summer, to Elizabeth, a doctor, and Hugh, a professor of psychology originally from Wales. Science was all around him from the beginning. He was the middle child of three, sandwiched between Jemiah, his older sister, and Andrew, a younger brother. Despite growing up with siblings, Vaughn was never really a social child. He liked to spend time reading, or investigating the garden on his own, or studying. Studying anything.

He particularly liked ghost stories.

His parents were never particularly concerned with his social skills, because he always exhibited curiosity, always asked questions and was engaged with everything around him, even if that curiosity bordered on morbid some of the time. Well, both of his parents were dealing with the far less sparkly side of life, it just seemed natural that at least one of their children would be drawn to darker things.

Through school, Vaughn was a rapt student. He was good in all of his subjects, but he was personally more inclined to go towards science. All of the sciences. He loved them.

His interest in the supernatural also grew as he did. And he was living in the ideal town to nurture it. Salam was always home to things that were slightly left of normal, people who were not as they seemed all of the time, day or night, or all through the month. The town had enough mythos all of its own to feed his hunger for a while, which lead on to an expanding interest in other paranormal things; cryptids, magic, alternate realities.

After school he went to college in Ipswich, MA, and studied biomedical science, with a hefty side of continued study of the paranormal. He inadvertently fell under the tutelage of one of the professors who specialized in the study (cryptozoology and it’s ilk) and learnt as much from him as he did from his official professors.

On graduating, Vaughn immediately took a course to be a mortician. His parents were slightly surprised at that choice of career path, but it wasn’t as though their son was failing. He knew what he wanted to do, and many kids his age didn’t.

He went on to work at various establishments, from funeral homes to police stations to hospitals over the next few years. Salem provided a very interesting range of deaths for him to investigate, and more than a few of them weren’t regular human deaths. Vaughn made extensive notes on those bodies, added it to the things he had already learnt. And all it did was fuel his interest like a well-fed fire.

Come to Repose! The postcard had had the words emblazoned on the front of it, chunky and eighties style over a vintage looking town photo. It had been in the jacket pocket of one of his bodies. No other words on either side, just the tiny description ‘Main Street, Repose, Anywhere’.

The words stuck with him, like an earworm. Come to Repose!

There was something strange about the job opening that was waiting for him when he ventured to the website of hospital. It almost felt like a set up. He applied, anyway, and the next day heard back, offering him a job on the spot, they were desperate for the position to be filled-

It was the bravest thing he’d ever done, in Vaughn’s opinion. Moving to a place he’d never heard of, for a job he didn’t know existed, to an apartment he hadn’t really checked out.

But go to Repose he did.
Skill Info
NAME // D AGE // 30+ TZ // GMT PB NAME // Alex Vlahos CODE

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Vaughn Thomas

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